Leef vannuit innerlijke vrijheid


The body's movement is a beautiful expression of life's vital source of energy. Movement is something that reflects our natural state of being. The body is a perfect representation of the choices that you are making every day. The comforts and discomforts we are feeling inside of us, is the body's way to show to your consciousness how you are doing. we have have to become receptive to the signs. Disease is not something that just suddenly appears in your life. The body is giving you signals all the time, but are we able or willing to hear them? You are the creator of your own health, as well as you are the creator of your own disease.

The mission of MoveAble is to inspire people to realize their own power of creation. Connect to the silent inner space inside of you that is always present. Creating space for dancing is an invitation to your body to speak to you. 

What is my motivation to be the teacher i am?

We get conditioned to move trough life in a way that makes us feel safe and accepted by others. We learn not to express our needs and limits. We get taught you are not allowed to dream big and believe in your ability to create the reality you believe in. Society gives you you a harness: this is who you are, this is what you are capable of, don't cross the borders or we will make you feel like a a failure and an outcast. This is the body, mind and spirit suppressed. This is the creation suffering. Because life's ultimate desire is to express itself and flourish. This dissonance of your deep truthful desires and your receptiveness to them, creates friction. Resistance. Stagnation. This is what ultimately creates disease. The next thing is you get told to take a pill. There doesn't exist a pill that actually cures the core of your disease. There are only pills that numb your senses to make you notice less dis- in -ease. When you block the signals of your body with pills, you actually block the only signals that can can guide you to true healing. Are you ready to face what your body is telling you? Are you willing to take full responsibility for your life?

Like your cars flat tire, you can fix the tire. Problem fixed right? But if the axles of your car are not aligned, the not evenly distributed weight in the car will eventually flatten the same tire again.

Become silent enough to listen to what your body is telling you about your true needs. This is what we need to come back to, and from this point we have to start moving. To be able to drive our car into a classic old timer.

I deeply believe that dance, music, meditation, yoga and conscious human interaction are powerful teachers to show us the way back to our authentic being. I feel blessed to be able to be a channel for these teachers to inspire others where to focus their inner light on. 

You are what your deeply rooted desire is

Like your desire is, so shall be your will

Like your will is, so shall be your actions

Like your actions are, so shall be your destiny

Take the responsibility of your own experience of life in your hands. You are the creator of your own reality. How do you want your reality to look like?

Eline Guicherit - Dancer - performer - yogi - acrobat - teacher -healer

Are you patient enough to sit and wait till the mud settles and the water becomes clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?

Allen Watz - Wiriter and philosofer 1951- 1973

The founder

I am a dedicated mover. I move in different disciplines. Tango, yoga and authentic movement are my main interests. My journey as a mover started with Tango Argentino 10 years ago. The presence of tango in my life transformed my perception of reality for good. I moved to Buenos Aires for 2 years to study the origin of tango. Than yoga, acrobatics and contact improvisation came into my life. Those disciplines gave wings to my ability to express myself trough tango and movement. I see those disciplines as my teachers for life. I am so great full for these teachers to be in my life. I thank those teachers for the joy and love i feel for life and the skills they have showed me to dance this life with all my heart. I am excited and curious for all the teachers to come. 

No matter how great of a teacher you become, you are always a student of each and every person in this world

- The teacher

Media files of the founder

Eline lived in a mongolian yurt for a couple of years. 

For video's about this period, see the following links: