Leef vannuit innerlijke vrijheid

Acro yoga

We offer acro yoga workshops on different levels. whether you are familiar with it or never heard of it; one thing is sure. The challenge is so exciting and fun! Come back to your inner child and play with open curiosity for the opportunities.

We offer performances or workshops for:

- Events or festivals

- Company team building

- Birthday parties

- If you wish to deepen your practice, private classes. 

See in the gallery for more pictures of acro yoga classes. Keep up to date with our agenda for weekly classes.


Arjan van Oostwaard

While studying aerospace engineering (yes, his love for flying was already there!) he came into contact with fitness, and group fitness in particular. He found out he really enjoys to be active and move around. Because of the interesting group dynamics and the posed challenge he decided to do a teacher training in 1996. Ever since he has been a professional group class teacher at multiple gyms in and around Amsterdam. Over the years his attention shifted more towards functional fitness, bodyweight training and natural movement. Keywords here are quality of movement, mindfulness, presence, flow and play. Following this more holistic approach he found AcroYoga in 2014 and liked it immediately. The open and warm community, the cooperation, connection and touch. Creating trust and expression, finding balance and being upside down. Just playing together and having a whole lot of fun. That experience, this joy, he loves to share that with others.

Mar Gonzalez